Removal of Martín Vizcarra

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President Martín Vizcarra address the nation following the congressional vote to impeach and remove him from the presidency

The impeachment of Martín Vizcarra, the 85th President of Peru, began when the Congress of Peru started the process on 8 October 2020 because of Vizcarra's "permanent moral incapacity".[1] On October 20, 2020, political factions Union for Peru, Podemos Peru, and Frente Amplio pushed for the articles of impeachment against President Vizcarra. He was accused of corruption.

Vizcarra was convicted of the charges on 9 November 2020 in a 105-16 vote.[2] When the date arrived, impeachment began with 60 votes in favor, 40 against and 18 abstentions.[3]

Vizcarra was replaced by Congress President Manuel Merino on 10 November.

Vizcarra became the third president to have been impeached and convicted, along with Guillermo Billinghurst (1914) and Alberto Fujimori (2000).

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