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Rioplatense Spanish

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Rioplatense Spanish
Argentine–Uruguayan Spanish
Español rioplatense
(Español argentino-uruguayo)
Pronunciation[ehpaˈɲol ri.oplaˈtense]
Native toArgentina, Uruguay
DialectsOuter Dialects:
Norteño (Northern)
Guaranítico (Northeastern)
Cuyano (Western)
Cordobés (Central)
Inner Dialects:
Litoraleño (Coastal)
Bonaerense (Eastern)
Patagónico (Southern)
Latin (Spanish alphabet)
Official status
Official language in
 Argentina (de facto)
 Uruguay (de facto)
Regulated byAcademia Argentina de Letras
Academia Nacional de Letras de Uruguay
Language codes
ISO 639-1es
ISO 639-2spa[2]
ISO 639-3
Spanish dialects in Argentina
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Rioplatense Spanish (/ˌrpləˈtɛns/),[3] also known as Rioplatense Castilian, is a variety of Spanish.[4][5][6]

Location of speakers[change | change source]

It is spoken mainly in and around the Río de la Plata Basin of Argentina and Uruguay.[7] It is also referred to as River Plate Spanish or Argentine Spanish.[8]

It is the most prominent dialect to employ voseo in both speech and writing. Many features of Rioplatense are also shared with the varieties spoken in south and eastern Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Intonation[change | change source]

This dialect is often spoken with an intonation resembling that of the Neapolitan language of Southern Italy, but there are exceptions.

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