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Rosignano Solvay (shortly just Rosignano) is a small town in the Italian comune of Rosignano Marittimo in the province of Tuscany, Livorno. Rosignano is 22 km from Livorno. About 20,000 people live there. The town is famous for the "white beaches" (formed by the Solvay a big industry of chemistry), the beaches are a "mix" of 90% limestone and 10% calcium chloride. Rosignano has a port for 750 boats.

History[change | change source]

The first villages in this area were those of the Etruscans and Romans. The history of the town begins at the beginning of the 20th century.

An early name for the town was "Paese Novo" (New Country in Italian). In 1917 the city changed name to Rosignano Solvay, where the name "Solvay" originates from the name of a big chemical factory from Belgium, the Solvay Group, which in 1914 built many buildings for treating and making chemicals, such as: Sodium hydroxide, Sodium bicarbonate and Sodium carbonate.

Now the Solvay treats and producing this group of element:

Sodium carbonate

Since few years there is in the Solvay two big Gas Turbines for producing about 900 megawatts.

Theatre[change | change source]

  • Solvay's Theatre

Churches[change | change source]

  • Church of Santa Teresa del Bambino Gesù
  • Church of Santa Croce

Libraries[change | change source]

  • Library of Rosignano Solvay
  • Solvay's Library

Museums[change | change source]

  • Etruscan Museum of Rosignano Marittimo
  • Etruscan Museum of Castiglioncello
  • Museum of Natural Sciences in Rosignano Solvay

Famous people born in Rosignano Solvay[change | change source]

Schools[change | change source]

The town has 11 (elementary and high schools) schools and 2 schools for childs.

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