SKN St. Pölten

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Full nameSportklub Niederösterreich St. Pölten
FoundedJune 2000
GroundNV Arena
ChairmanAustria Gottfried Tröstl
ManagerAustria Martin Scherb
LeagueErste Liga

Sportklub Niederösterreich St. Pölten is a football club from St. Pölten the capital of the Austrian federal state Lower Austria. St. Poelten plays in the Austrian Football First League, the second division in the Austrian football league system.[1]

History[change | change source]

SKN St. Poelten was founded in June 2000. The new club took over all belongings of the predecessor, FCN St. Poelten .Most important was the ownership of the Bundesliga junior center. Through this the club did not enter in the lowest class but was allowed in the 2nd League West, the fifth level of Austrian football.

The next two seasons they won the championships and reached the Regionalliga Ost(3rd division).In the 2003/04 season the club reached the 4th place. The following season the club reached sixth place in the league reached in the Austrian Cup the quarter-finals. They won over SV Wörgl (3-0), SW Bregenz (2–1) and a sensational 5-1 victory overAustria Salzburg in the third round. In the quarter-finals, St. Poelten, was beaten by Austria Wien 6-0. In autumn 2009 the club could present the plans for the new stadium which is currently built in the Ratzersdorf district of St.Pölten.

In the 2007/08 season they won the Regionalliga and were promoted to the First League. In the summer of 2016, they were promoted to the Bundesliga. In the 2020/21 season they were relegated to the 2. Liga.

Current squad[change | change source]

As of 27 July 2023

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
2 DF Germany Germany Stefan Thesker
3 DF Austria Austria Thomas Alexiev
4 DF Austria Austria Sebastian Bauer
5 DF Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Souleymane Kone
6 MF Austria Austria Andree Neumayer
7 FW Republic of the Congo Congo Kévin Monzialo
8 MF Austria Austria Christoph Messerer
9 FW Austria Austria Bernd Gschweidl
10 MF Austria Austria Marcel Ritzmaier
11 MF Germany Germany Marc Stendera
12 GK Austria Austria Franz Stolz
14 FW Japan Japan Rio Nitta
15 DF Austria Austria Christian Ramsebner
16 MF Austria Austria Nicolas Wisak
No. Pos. Nation Player
18 MF Austria Austria Benedict Scharner
19 DF Austria Austria David Riegler
20 MF Austria Austria Daniel Schütz
23 DF Luxembourg Luxembourg Dirk Carlson
24 DF Germany Germany Fadhel Morou
25 DF Austria Austria Thomas Salamon
26 GK Austria Austria Thomas Turner
27 GK Austria Austria Pirmin Strasser
37 DF Austria Austria Julian Keiblinger
66 MF Switzerland Switzerland Yannick Scheidegger
70 DF Germany Germany Gerhard Dombaxi
77 MF Austria Austria Din Barlov
MF Austria Austria Stefan Nutz
FW Austria Austria Dario Tadic

Coaching history (21st century)[change | change source]


Start End Coach
7/2000 6/2002 Austria Karl Daxbacher
7/2002 6/2003 Austria Horst Kirasitsch
7/2003 11/2004 Austria Frenkie Schinkels
1/2005 4/2006 Austria Günther Wessely
4/2006 6/2006 Austria Peter Benes
4/2006 6/2006 Austria Markus Kernal
7/2006 1/2007 Austria Walter Hörmann
1/2007 9/2013 Austria Martin Scherb
9/2013 9/2013 Austria Thomas Nentwich
9/2013 5/2014 Austria Gerald Baumgartner
6/2014 10/2014 AustriaHerbert Gager
10/2014 3/2015 Austria Michael Steiner
3/2015 6/2015 Austria Jochen Fallmann
6/2015 10/2016 Austria Karl Daxbacher
10/2016 9/2017 Austria Jochen Fallmann
9/2017 9/2017 Germany Marcel Ketelaer
9/2017 4/2018 Austria Oliver Lederer
4/2018 10/2018 Austria Dietmar Kühbauer
10/2018 10/2018 Germany Marcel Ketelaer
10/2018 6/2019 Serbia Ranko Popovic
6/2019 3/2020 Germany Alexander Schmidt
3/2020 4/2021 Austria Robert Ibertsberger
4/2021 4/2021 Austria Georg Zellhofer
4/2021 6/2021 Austria Gerald Baumgartner
7/2021 Austria Stephan Helm

Notable players[change | change source]

Youth work[change | change source]

The SKN St. Poelten currently has ten youth teams for children from the age of 7 to 15, with a total of 150 children and youths. In addition to the junior teams, the club has a second team (SKN II), which plays their games in the Mid Western League, with the squad mostly consisting of squad players under the age of 18.

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