Nord N.2501 Noratlas

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conservated and restorated former Armée de l'Air's Nord 2501 Noratlas in 2009.
Armée de l'Air's Noratlas with paratroopers.

The SNCAN N.2501 Noratlas or simply Noratlas is a post-war military French transport aircraft designed and built by Société Nationale de Construction Aéronautique du Nord.[1] It was use by several air forces like Armée de l'Air, Luftwaffe, and Israeli Air Force. It was built under licence[2] in Germany. It's first flew in septembre 1949[3] and was introduced in 1953. France retired its last one in 1984.

Configuration[change | change source]

The Noratlas is a twin-boom, twin-engine aircraft. Built in metal it has a high wing, and twin-tail. It can carry 35 paratroopers, or 17 injured peoples on stretcher. On freighter configuration it can carry 7 900 kg for cargo missions. Cockpit is for 2 or 3 peoples : pilot, co-pilot, and sometimes navigator.

Some Noratlas were used like electronics warfare aircraft by French Air Force. In this kind, the Gabriel or Grise[4] (grey in French) had got a crew of 8 or 9 peoples.

Users[change | change source]

Militaries users includes :

Engagements[change | change source]

Armée de l'Air used SNCAN N.2501 Noratlas for the Algerian war for paratroopers operations,[5] cargo transport, and sometimes search and rescue. In 1956 France and Israel used their Noratlas for Suez Canal crisis.

Similar aircraft[change | change source]

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