Sandslåns SK

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Sandslåns SK
Founded1927 (1927)
Based inSandslån, Sweden

Sandslåns SK is a now non-active sports club in Sandslån in Sweden. The club was established in 1927. It was known as the "bandy pride of Ångermanland". The club was also nicknamed Timmerkusarna. In 1950 the bandy team reached the Norrland Championship final.[1] They lost the final to Haparandapojkarna. The bandy team played its home games at Flottarvallen.[2]

The bandy team played in the Swedish top division in the seasons of 1961[3] and 1975-1976.[4] In the 1977-1978 season Anders Wedin when playing for the club became the Swedish second division topscorer.[5]

The club has even played once in the World Cup.[6]

The soccer team played in the Swedish third division in 1962.[7]

In 1949 the junior soccer team won the district championship.[8]

For a short time during the early 1950s the club even ran ice hockey activity.[9]

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