Senate of Canada

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Senate of Canada

Sénat du Canada
43rd Parliament
George Furey, non-affiliated
since December 3, 2015
Pierrette Ringuette
since May 1, 2020
Marc Gold
since January 24, 2020
Don Plett, Conservative
since November 5, 2019
Facilitator of the ISG
Yuen Pau Woo
since September 25, 2017
Leader of the CSG (interim)
Scott Tannas
since November 4, 2019
Leader of the PSG
Jane Cordy
since December 12, 2019
Current Structure of the Senate
Political groups
  •   Non-affiliated (6)
  •   Vacant (11)
Appointment by the Governor General on advice of the Prime Minister
Meeting place
The Senate of Canada sits in the Senate of Canada Building in Ottawa
Senate Chamber
Senate of Canada Building
2 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario

The Senate of Canada is the upper house of the Parliament of Canada. There are 105 members of the Canadian senate. They are appointed by the Governor General of Canada with the advise of the Prime Minister of Canada.

The number of senators from the different parts of Canada varies. Four regions have 24 senators each.