Senate of the Republic (Italy)

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Senate of the Republic
Senato della Repubblica
18th legislature
President of the Senate
Seats315 elected senators
+ 6 senators for life
Italian Senate current.svg
Political groups
Government (166)
  •   M5S (106)
  •   PD (36)
  •   IVPSI (17)
  •   Mixed (7)

Supported by (12)

Opposition (143)

Last election
4 March 2018
Next election
No later than 2023
Meeting place
Palazzo Madama, Rome

The Senate of the Republic (Italian: Senato della Repubblica) or Senate (Italian: Senato) is a house of the bicameral Italian Parliament (the other being the Chamber of Deputies). The two houses together form a perfect bicameral system, meaning they perform identical functions, but do so separately. It was created in its current form on 8 May 1948, but existed during the Kingdom of Italy as Senato del Regno (Senate of the Kingdom), itself a continuation of the Senato Subalpino (Subalpine Senate) of Sardinia created on 8 May 1848.

Members of the Senate are styled Senator or The Honourable Senator (Italian: Onorevole Senatore)[1] and they meet at Palazzo Madama, Rome.

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