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Sheetal Agashe is an Indian businesswoman. She began her career as an actress; her most notable role being that of an eponymous character in the sitcom Yes Boss from 1999 to 2003.[1] In 2005, she joined Brihans Natural Products Ltd. as the company's managing director.[2][3][4]

Agashe was born in Pune, India, the daughter of Dnyaneshwar Agashe, and granddaughter of Chandrashekhar Agashe.[5][6]

In April 2018, Agashe won Times of India's Pune Visionary award for her contribution to the Ayurvedic skincare industry as managing director of the company.[7][8] In July, she won Pune's Most Powerful 2018-19 award by Femina, also for her position at the company.[9][10]

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