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Shin Saimdang

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Lady Saimdang Shin on the 50,000 KRW bank note

Shin Saimdang (Korean: 신사임당; 申師任堂, 29 October 1504 – 17 May 1551) or Lady Saimdang Shin (Korean: 사임당 신씨, 師任堂申氏) was an artist, poet, writer, and Confucian scholar during the Joseon dynasty of Korea. long time aged she was worship, honored as a symbol of wise mother and wife.

Her real name was Inseon. Her pen names were Saimdang, Inimdang, Imdang, Imsajae. She was the mother of Yi I, the Korean philosopher.

Work[change | change source]

Chochungdo, a painting genre initiated by Shin Saimdang, depicting plants and insects.

Poetry[change | change source]

  • Looking Back at my Parents' Home while Going Over Daegwallyeong Pass(Hangul: 유대관령망친정, Hanja: 踰大關嶺望親庭)
  • Thinking of Parents (Hangul: 사친, Hanja: 思親), a poem about her mother.

Paintings[change | change source]

  • Landscape (Hangul: 자리도, Hanja: 紫鯉圖)
  • Mountains and rivers (Hangul: 산수도, Hanja: 山水圖)
  • Grass and insect painting(Hangul: 초충도, Hanja: 草蟲圖)
  • Geese among reeds (Hangul: 노안도, Hanja: 蘆雁圖)

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