Sinforoso Amoedo Canaveri

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Sinforoso Amoedo
Personal details
Sinforoso del Carmen Amoedo Canaveri

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires

Sinforoso Amoedo (18 July 1823 - 1871) was an Argentine medical doctor.

He was born in Buenos Aires. He was the son of Hilario Amoedo Garazatúa and Juana Josefa Canaveris. He began his high school studies at the Colegio Republicano. He studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, where he received his Doctor of Medicine.[1] He practiced in the Parroquia de la Concepción until his retirement. He was replaced by Dr. Juan Antonio Argerich.[2]

He worked with patients during the yellow fever epidemic that hit the city of Buenos Aires. He died of yellow fever himself in 1871.[3] His family was honored with a medal for his courage and heroism to fight against the epidemic.[4]

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