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The single non-transferable vote (often Abbreviated to S.N.T.V.)[1] is an electoral system for multiple member electoral districts. It is an electoral system which can produce an proportional result but it will depend on the district's magnitude (the number of representatives in the electoral district) if there is more members in each electoral district the more proportional the result will be. In many cases the single non-transferable vote has been replaced by other voting systems.

In certain cases S.N.T.V. is thought to be similar to Plurality-at-large voting, commonly refereed as Bloc Voting, but is different because in S.N.T.V electors are only allowed to vote for one candidate but in Plurality-at-large voting the voter have as many votes as there are seats to win.

Example[change | change source]

This example has three winners in the electoral district

  1. The voters select one candidate on the ballot
  2. All votes are counted
  3. The three candidates with the highest number of votes win
Candidates Votes % Elected?
A 11,321 28% YES
C 9,591 24% YES
B 8,953 22% YES
D 5,643 14% NO
E 2,761 7% NO
F 1,753 4% NO
G 221 0.5% NO
TOTAL: 40,243 100% 3

Current Usage[change | change source]

Today there are very few places which use the Single Non Transferable Vote:

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