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DeveloperRobert Szeleney
Working stateHalted
Source modelClosed source
Initial releaseDecember 15, 1997; 26 years ago (1997-12-15)
Marketing targetDesktop users
Available inMultilingual
Kernel typeMonolithic
Official websiteweb.archive.org/web/20130901090439/http://www.skyos.org/

SkyOS is a discontinued prototype operating system. SkyOS is mostly POSIX-compliant. It comes with the core of the open source GNU tools, including GCC.

Many Linux or other UNIX programs, like AbiWord and Gaim, run on SkyOS thanks to its POSIX compliance and GTK+ support. Some games, like Quake, have also been ported.

Development started in 1996.[1] Its first version was released in December 1997.[2]

Up until version 4.x the OS was free.[3] After 2003, SkyOS's beta version cost $30.[4]

It was made by Robert Szeleney.

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