Social Liberal Party (Brazil)

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The Social Liberal Party (Portuguese: Partido Social Liberal; often abbreviated as PSL) is a right-wing conservative party in Brazil. Until 2018, the main ideology followed by the party was social-liberalism, however, with the membership of the controversial congressman Jair Bolsonaro, the party shifted its political positions to more right-wing and conservative-oriented ones, namely economic liberalism, liberalism, monarchism and anti-communism.[1]

The party was founded on October 30, 1994. Its current president is Luciano Bivar.

In the 2018 Presidential elections in Brazil, the party won through Jair Bolsonaro, defeating far-left rival Fernando Haddad, a member of the Workers' Party, thus making Bolsonaro the President-elected of Brazil. He received more support from Evangelical Christians, the middle-class, farmers, as well as from people in South Brazil.

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