St Jude storm

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St. Jude storm
Christian 28 October 2013.jpg
Christian making landfall in Denmark on 28 October 2013.
Type European windstorm
Extratropical cyclone
Formed 26 October 2013
Dissipated 31 October 2013[1]
Lowest pressure Est. 965 mb (28.5 inHg) Obs. 967.6mb
Highest winds
Highest gust 120.8 miles per hour (194.4 km/h), Als, Denmark
Total fatalities 17 dead, 1 missing
Areas affected United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia

The St. Jude Storm also known as Cyclone Christian,[2] was a severe European windstorm that hit Northwestern Europe from 27 October 2013[3] to 28 October 2013. The storm caused 17 deaths.[4] Winds of up to 80–90 mph (130–145 km/h) were forecast for southern England,[5] but the highest windspeed was in Denmark, where a gust of 120.8 mph (194.4 km/h) was recorded in the south of the country on the afternoon of 28 October, the strongest wind recorded in the country's history.[6] Damage occurred in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

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