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BIR Grupp 7- STABYHOUN, Nadites Ninna (24126158072).jpg
A Stabyhoun
Other namesStabij
Fryske Stabij
Friesan Pointer Dog
Common nicknamesStaby
OriginThe Netherlands (Friesland)
Kennel club standards
Dutch Kennel Club standard
FCI standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The Stabyhoun or Stabij is a rare dog breed.[1] There are only about 6000 dogs of this type in the world.[2] It is a spaniel type of working dog.

History[change | change source]

The Stabyhoun was first noted in the Netherlands in the early 1800s where it was used as a working dog on farms and for hunting, specifically in the province of Friesland.[2]

Colour[change | change source]

These dogs are usually black and white, with a smaller number being brown and white and very small number of yellow and white examples.[3]

Temperment[change | change source]

The Stabyhoun is a gentle breed that is patient with children and other dogs. To keep them happy, like all gun dogs, they need a lot of exercise.[4]

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