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A student council is an organization made by students.

Tasks[change | change source]

Head of student council[change | change source]

The heads of the student council are mostly two pupils who are contact persons for the principal, teachers, students and parents. They represent the interests of all pupils and are in contact with the principal (monthly conversations). Also, they tell teachers about the students’ requests and complaints and try to solve problems. The head of the student council is automatically a member of the student council and convenes their meetings. They are also the leader of these meetings. The head of the student council is responsible for the spreading of information and they have to put the decisions of the student council into practice. But they can also put their own ideas, which they have suggested in their election program, into reality.

Student council[change | change source]

They student council has to show an interest in the opinions and the suggestions pupils have for the improvement of the school.[1]

This means that the student representatives work for the interests of the students and bring them to the school management. Specifically, the student representatives have a right to be heard by the school management if the pupils have any concerns. These concerns may include suggestions for improvement in classroom teaching, conflicts with the teaching staff or organizational issues, or any other concerns. The student representatives should take care that not every issue has to be reported directly to the school management. Many problems can also be solved by talking directly to the participants.

Another important task of the student representation is to form working groups and to take over the planning of school projects. For example, if student representatives decide to collect money for an improvement at school, they may set up a committee to organize a sponsorship run or a charity concert.[2]

Elections[change | change source]

Every student council has a head with mostly two pupils. Every year pupils can volunteer to stand for election. They have to present their election program. In the election program the candidates present their goals for the school year to the other pupils. All pupils take part in the election and elect the new head of the student council.

The other part of the student council are the class speakers. They are elected by their class mates. All class speakers are automatically in the student council.

Student councils in different countries[change | change source]


In German schools the student council represents the students and their ideas and wishes.

They plan school events and their election is a must.


All schools in Norway have to have a student council by law.

The purpose of the student council is to improve their school by encouraging social and cultural events and also events outside of school. The student councils are governed by a management which is either elected directly or by the student council.


Since 1998 in Ireland there has been constant evolution of student councils in primary schools. Schools and staff assist the creation of the student council.


Secondary high schools and vocational schools in Finland have student councils. They include all the students of the institution, but their status is not very important. The act demands that they should be heard in all matters connected to the education in the institution, but this is often not done.


Most Spanish universities have student councils which are regulated by law, however schools don’t have any. Some of the basic points are the 24% of student representation in the board. The council is elected by universal assent of the students.

United Kingdom:

In Wales a student council, often called different names, is required in every kind of school. The Council has to meet regularly. The head of the students is elected by the students.                 

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