Surface-to-air missile

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SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missiles, one of the most widely used SAM systems in the world

A surface-to-air missile (SAM), also known as a ground-to-air missile (GTAM) or surface-to-air guided weapon (SAGW), is a type of missile that is launched from ground or from a ship to destroy aircraft or other missiles.[1] It is one type of Anti-aircraft warfare.

Surface-to-air rockets[change | change source]

Model Picture Info
Patriot rockets (or missiles)
Range: it can go up to 160 km. It shoots down ballistic rockets.[2]

Variant (or model) of MIM-104:

  • M902 Patriot PAC-3

Buk 9K37
[7] In use by Ukrainian forces.
Pechora S-125
  • Pechora 2D
  • Newa SC


Osa 9K33
  • Osa-AKM
  • Osa-AKM-P1 "Żądło"
Kub 2K12
Stormer HVM Type: Very short range
9K35 Strela-10
9K35M Strela-10M4
2K22 Tunguska
  • Variant: 2K22M
MIM-23 Hawk MIM-23 Hawk Phase I
MIM-23 Hawk Phase III
Aspide Aspide 2000
Aster SAMP/T; medium and long range[12]
S-200 Long range[13] some were used again (as late as 2024's second quarter) during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.[14][15][16] The Kyiv Post said, that maybe the rockets "have been upgraded", as of 2024.[17]
S-300 S-300V1
  • S-300P/PS/PT
  • S-300PMU[18]

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