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Background information
Also known as(동방신기) Dong Bang Shin Ki
(東方神起)(東方神起) Dōngfāngshénqǐ
(東方神起) Tōhōshinki
OriginSouth Korea
GenresPop, R&B, dance, electronica, hip hop, K-pop
Years active2003 (2003) - present
LabelsS.M. Entertainment
(South Korea)
Avex Group
MembersU-Know Yunho
Max Changmin
Past member(s)Hero Jaejoong (2003-2009)
Micky Yoochun (2003-2009)
Xiah Junsu (2003-2009)
WebsiteOfficial Korean Website
Official Japanese Website

TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) is a two-member K-pop boy band active in South Korea and Japan. Its members are U-know Yunho, and Max Changmin. The group is popular in East Asian countries including Taiwan and China. They debuted in 2004 and belong to Korean record company SM Entertainment. They are known by different names. They are known as Dong Bang Shin Ki (abbreviated DBSK, 동방신기, 東方神起) in Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan.

The group has released three Japanese and six Korean albums. Their fourth Korean album, Mirotic was released in 2008. It has sold over 550,000 copies. It is their most successful album. Before that, the 2006 album O-Jung.Ban.Hap. continued to chart in 2007 along with the group's 2005 album Rising Sun. Their first Japanese album Heart, Mind, and Soul performed modestly. It peaked at #25 on the Oricon Chart. The album sold less than 20,000 copies. Their second album Five in the Black did better. The album peaked at #2 and sold over 26,000 copies in its first week of release.[source?] The third album T also peaked at #2 and sold 30,003 copies on the first day of its release.

TVXQ has an official fan club, called "cassiopeia", in Korea. The number of people of this fan club makes it the biggest in the world. There is also a big fan club in Japan.

Members[change | change source]

Current members
Stage name Birth name
Romanized Hangul
(U-Know Yunho)
Jung Yunho 정윤호
(Choikang Changmin)
Shim Changmin 심창민
Former members
Stage name Birth name
Romanized Hangul
(Yongwoong Jaejoong)
Kim Jaejoong 김재중
(Micky Yoochun)
Park Yoochun 박유천
(Xiah Junsu)
Kim Junsu 김준수

Discography[change | change source]

Japanese singles[change | change source]

1st Single - Stay With Me Tonight 2005/4/27

2nd Single - Somebody To Love 2005/7/13

3rd Single - My Destiny 2005/11/2

4th Single - 明日は来るから 2006/3/8

5th Single - Rising Sun / Heart, Mind and Soul 2006/4/26

6th Single - Begin 2006/6/21

7th Single - Sky 2006/8/16

8th Single - miss you /O-Jung.Ban.Hap. 2006/11/08

9th Single - Step by Step 2007/1/24

10th Single - Choosey Lover 2007/3/7

11th Single - Lovin' you 2007/6/8

12th Single - SUNMER~Summer Dream/Song for you/Love In The Ice~ 2007/8/1

13th Single - Shine/Ride On 2007/9/19

14th Single - Forever Love 2007/11/14

15th Single - Together 2007./12/19

16th Single - Purple Line 2008.01.16

17th Single - Two hearts / WILD SOUL(CHANGMIN) 2008/2/6

18th Single - Runaway / My Girlfriend(YUCHUN) 2008/02/13

19th Single - If...!? / Rainy Night(JUNSU) 2008/02/27

20th Single - Close to you / Crazy Life(YUNHO) 2008/03/05

21st Single - Keyword / Maze(JEJUNG) 2008/03/12

22nd single - Beautiful you/千年恋歌 2008/04/23

23rd single—どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 2008/07/16

24th Single - 呪文-MIROTIC 2008/10/17

25th Single - Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / 忘れないで 2009/01/21

26th Single - Survivor 2009/03/11

27th Single - Share The World / ウィーアー! 2009/04/22

28th Single - Stand by U 2009/07/01

Special Single - COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ / Shelter JEJUNG & YUCHUN 2009/09/30

29th Single - BREAK OUT! 2010/01/27

30th Single - 时ヲ止メテ 2010/03/24

31st Single - Why?[Keep Your Head Down] 2011/01/26

32nd Single - Catch Me [If You Wanna] 2013/01/16

Awards and achievements[change | change source]

In 2008, TVXQ made the Guinness World Records for having the world's largest official fan club. Cassiopeia, the band's official fan club, is claimed to have more than 800,000 official members just in South Korea, more than 200,000 official members in Japan (BigEast) and more than 200,000 international fans (iCassies). They also made Guinness a second time in 2009. Aside from having the world's largest fan club, the group was also listed as the most photographed celebrities in the world. From the day of their debut to March 19, 2009, the five members are estimated to have been photographed about 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials, etc. The total figure includes individual photos as well as group pictures.

Other websites[change | change source]