Tahirid dynasty

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Tahirid Dynasty
Provinces governed by the Tahirids.
Capital Merv, later Nishapur
Languages Persian[1]
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Emirate
 •  821 Tahir ibn Husayn
Historical era Medieval
 •  Established 821
 •  Disestablished 873
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Abbasid Caliphate
Saffarid dynasty

The Tahirid dynasty (Persian: سلسله طاهریان‎) was a Persian[2] dynasty that ruled the Abbasid province of Khorasan from 821 to 873. It also ruled the city of Baghdad from 820 until 891. The capital in Khorasan was first located at Merv. Later it moved to Nishapur.

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