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Taito Corporation
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The Taito Corporation is an innovator of coin operated video games. Taito was founded in 1953 to import peanuts and vodka to Japan. They also made vending machines for the vodka and peanuts. The next year (1954), Taito began making jukeboxes and other amusement machines. These machines were designed by other companies but in 1956 Taito designed and produced Japans first jukebox. Taito started to buy, sell, and lease pinball machines in 1956. Taito became the manufacturer of Seeburg corporation (USA) jukeboxes in 1962. Taito produced Japans first crane-type coin operated machine in 1965. The Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry gave Taito a commendation prize for enterprise in 1970. In 1973 Taito made Pro Hockey and Soccer video games as well as Elepong. Elepong was the first Japanese designed coin operated game. Taito are most famous for making Space Invaders in 1978. Taito says "Space Invaders was a worldwide phenomenon". Taito has been one of the leading makers of coin operated video games in the world for more than thirty years.

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