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The only difference between this and the En page is the addition of the sentence "Brett is a Prodigious Savant and has an IQ of 148." However, the refs do not support the sentence. 1 does not appear to be a significant source and only states that he is a member of Mensa. 2 is a book from 1997 when Salisbury would have been quite young to have attracted notice. Term "Salisbury" not found in the Google Book search. Gotanda (talk) 21:12, 22 October 2012 (UTC) ? What? It says Salisbury was born in 1968, making him 29 years old. Is that young to attract notice? What BS. Wikipedia editors are a joke.

I went through Salisbury's history with my father and his Government friends. Salisbury is a Prodigious Savant Code Breaker for the Central Intelligence Agency. I didn't want to add that to his profile but it's fairly common knowledge with the take down of Bin Laden with insiders. @ Gotanda, As for the book search, if you simply just put the title of the Book in Google Book search; The Transform Diet, Salisbury will pop up. Just an FYI. Duckfan24 (talk) 09:37, 22 October 2012 (PST)

Gotanda, You have erased significant Prodigious Savants. I work in the field of Savant Syndrome and I'm and M.D and this is my expertise. Please do not do this anymore. Also, The Dublin News is This is verified by going to the bottom of the news tab and seeing this. I'm from Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska. I'm well aware of Mid West Radio Network in New South Wales, west of Sydney and their affiliation with the Dublin News. Please be more aware of the references and people before you delete them. Thank you Einstein44 (talk) 10:33, 28 October 2012 (EST)

All of the sources for this article are fake, and it should be deleted immediately as promotional. We've seen the promoter of this subject try pretty impressive shenanigans over on a few years ago, but they were shut down and we actually got a reasonably good article. Then what to my wondering eye should appear, but a bot-link to simple.... and this steaming load of self-promotion. If anyone wants to email me I'd be happy to show how each of these sources is a fake. Sailsbystars (talk) 14:12, 14 November 2012 (UTC)

What is so funny is how Sailsbystars (who sounds like a bitter relative of Salisbury with that name) continues to make critical edits. Notice how he only has 3 on simple wikipedia EVER. (Along with his buddy Esprqii). I would nuke whatever they edit out of this orbit too. They have no credibility on here yet seem to be spending more than a usual amount of time on a "savant" he calls "promotional". LMAO. Since when is a Savant a good thing? LOL It's a gal or guy who is usually autistic. And if there is any smoke where there's fire to this? The article then is a cover-up by two people who shouldn't be on here making edits!! I didn't find any self promotion in any article. Someone Help me or us!!! And Save us from the Sailsbstars wars edits along with his pal Esprqii as they always show up together in every edit they make. I started with Salisbury on wikipedia and worked backwards. Wow are they a tag team and deleting very good material. (How convenient is that for those two bozos)!!!! LOL

Salisbury has written 27 books, all published on Amazon[change source]

Here is the proof: