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Page move -> Euramerica[change source]

There appears to be an issue with the naming here. There are two accepted names for this continent: Euramerica and Laurussia. Both are usually listed in the article regardless of language, but which to choose tends to vary.

Wiki IW link translation
English (en) Euramerica
Bulgarian (bg) Евроамерика Evroamerika
Czech (cs) Euramerika
Spanish (es) Euramérica
Finnish (fi) Euramerikka
Italian (it) Euramerica
Japanese (ja) ユーラメリカ大陸 Yuramerika continent
Korean (ko) 유라메리카 Yura Mary Car (Euramerica)
Dutch (nl) Euramerika
Norsk nynorsk (nn) Euramerika
Portugues (pt) Euramérica
Slovak (sk) Euramerika
Vietnamese (vi) Euramerica
Chinese (zh) 歐美大陸 Euramerica
Wiki IW link translation
German (de) Laurussia
French (fr) Laurussia
Polish (pl) Laurosja
Russian (ru) Лавруссия Lavrussiya
Ukranin(uk) Лавруссія Lavrussiya

As seen in the list above, of the 19 other languages with this page, 14 (including En:) chose a variant of Euramerica for the page name. Looking at hits, Google favors Euro with 647K to 28,600 for Laur. Bing give 86,200 (Euro) vs 11,800 (Laur) - The #1 hits are the En: page at Euramerica for both search engines using either term. Yahoo doesn't give numbers but both terms link to that name in the #1 or #2 slot. (Laurussia actually has Laurasia at #1 which is the wrong topic..)--Creol(talk) 19:06, 29 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

True, but...[change source]

All that's true, but only because most languages copy content and title from English wiki. Laurussia refers to the Laurentian Craton, which is the root of North America plus Greenland and bits of Scotland as well. The rest of North America, on its left-hand side, is the "accretionary belt" picked up by Laurentia on its recent travels east from Pangaea.

Because Laurussia was before Pangaea, America as is now did not exist, but the Laurentian craton did. It's just better geology. Naming in geology tends to follows decisions originally made by European scientists because they did most of the early work.

My omission of a redirect from Euramerica was inadvertent: I usually do redirects right after putting a page up, but it didn't happen this time. I'll leave it now for others to comment. It's OK with me if people want to move the title; I just wanted to say the original title was not chosen accidentally. Macdonald-ross (talk) 15:28, 30 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]