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Very poisonous[change source]

"very poisonous?" OK its not good for you, but 80% of people over 40 have fillings made from alloys of the stuff - and they don't die when they swallow a filling Victuallers (talk) 21:48, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Mercury is a highly toxic substance and can poison an individual who even comes into contact with it via the skin. In regards to the mercury contained in amalgam fillings, this is a stable form that should not leach from the filling either in the mouth or in the GI tract if swallowed. Studies have been done and continue to be done that may indicate that fillings can be dangerous, but the facts are far from in and it may prove to be false. Either way, it is very correct to state that mercury is very poisonous. fr33kman talk 23:30, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
Expanded/added stuff from enwp. I think "very poisonous" might be a bit of an oversimplification. There seem to be medical uses of mercury or its compounds, where replacing it may be difficult. --Eptalon (talk) 12:34, 29 August 2010 (UTC)