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Why the Vikings make war against the Christian world[change source]

My first subject explains why the Vikings make war against the Christian world. I think that it's important to know it! The Vikings are not a spontaneous generation of avid and sanguinary barbarians in 793, but they had legitimate reasons to retort against the violent exactions of Christian crimes (Charlemagne). The Vikings passed from the statute of explorers, tradesmen to that of pirates mainly because of dogmatic harassing monotheist of which they were the object. I would find equitable for their memory to explain one of the reasons of their strandhöggs (commandos). Moreover they first attack against the Christian sites, and it is not only because they were more vulnerable and that the Church held a quarter of the richness, but also because that constituted the symbol of destruction of their people and culture. One of the reasons of the vindication of my North Ancestors: in year 782 Godfred Danish Viking King which came to assistance of the Saxon chief Widukind. Charlemagne impose “the law of the iron of God” or “the baptism or the massacre” and he massacres 4500 Saxons and off-sets (deportation) 12000 women and children who refused the baptism, Christians destructed the Holly Tree Irminsul! Widukind, Saxon chief require of the assistance of Danish king Godfred to avenge his people for the bloody verdict of Verden. Godfred accepted because Christians attacked Danish too (Dannevirke fortifications) and the sister of Godfred married Widukind. Vikings and all Pagan people were furious for the massacre of Saxons and the destruction of Holly Places, they knew that the Christians were very powerful and would not stop in Saxony! Here is also an important economic reason! Vikings wanted to protect their business, the Godfred kingdom was a very famous place to trade! The Vikings didn’t want that the Danish’s counters fall in the hands of Christians! Moreover in 808 Hedeby became the largest commercial counter of Scandinavia! It was vital to protect it! The Vikings chiefs saw progression of Christianity and wars destroyed the businesses! This economic reason contributed to enter it in war of the Vikings against the Christians. All the pagan ones rebelled against the terrible exactions of Charlemagne. In fact the Lindisfarne attack caused a considerable agitation in the Christian clerks, because the Christian clerks were the victims and they were the only writers! It’s why one spoke much about it! That’s the reason why we use to take this symbolic date of the June 8th , 793 to decide first attack Viking, by a Norwegian named Thorgis (perhaps one of my ancestors!) but the Scandinavians fight Christians for more than ten years ago, defending their people, their beliefs and their shopping centres! “Pappars” were also very virulent against Vikings to convert them and “put salt in their mouths” The attack of Lindisfarne is not a starting point but a symbol for Christians of Vikings crimes ! 793 is the starting point from a Christian point of view, it cannot be a starting point from a Viking point of view! One cannot limit the Vikings to horrible assassinating pirates of the Priests, there were multiple reasons with their violence! 782 is an important date to understand why the Vikings make raids.! sources: by the encyclopaedia “All Universe” (Hachette edition album n°5 page 1110) precise: “Charles decided to devote to a terrible massacre and it made slice the head, the same day, with 4500 Saxon (...) Guerrillas, repressions, and deportations in mass began again and were completed only into 804” Another source, in particular in the book of Jean Mabire(famous Historian) “the Vikings” (the Anchor Marine editions ISBN 2-905970-49-9 in 2004.) Besides he begins its work with this historical fact (an782) Page 9 chapter 1 the long title “Ten years after the massacre of pagan Saxons by Charlemagne, the monks undergo in Lindisfarne the fury of Norman” the page 13 where it makes speak Widukind: “All mine were exterminated to the last prisoner. Four thousand five hundred noble warriors perished. The old men, the women, the children, all those which did not carry weapons, were off-set out of foreign ground where misery and the contempt wait.” Page 14 of the same book: Widukind requires of the assistance of Danish king Godfred “ account of the massacres and of the exiles, imaginations (...) of old hatreds are poked (...) With the iron of God must answer the iron of Odin strikes (...) Revenge! “ Page 15: “During more than two centuries, the Northmen or Norman, will make pay with the abbeys and in the cities of Occident the Charlemagne crime ” There is also page 16 where have to read the following title: “The massacre of Lindisfarne avenges the crime for Verden” “Lindisfarne will pay for Verden” There is besides a memorial for this massacre of Verden where thousand large steles are set up. For this crime against the Saxon ones. One qualified Charlemagne of “butcher” and his wife who led to the crime Fastrade de Franconie “the cruel one”. There are several other sources of which: The Zwiki encyclopaedia, this specifies: “The following year, a rising general carried out by the chief Saxon Widukind leads to the franque defeat, Charlemagne makes decapitate several thousands of Saxons prisoners in Verden and orders the deportation of several clans towards the kingdom of the Frank ones." I hope that these sources will be sufficient to understand why the Vikings attacked Christians. Many other historians know those informations.You can consult also the page for “Widukind” and “Charlemagne” Cordial greetings Vikings ;) Thorgis 18:57, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

Violence against women[change source]

The article says that the Vikings were known for their violence against women (and children). But, if you read the Norse Sagas (the surviving historical chronicles of the Vikings) it paints their culture in a different light. Many of the stereotypes people have about the Vikings are incorrect, they were actually fierce protectors of the personal honor of women. That's not to say they never attacked them, but they did so much less frequently than any other warring culture. In fact, it was custom bordering on law that women were NOT to be touched in battle, and this was punished on the spot if discovered.

Thanks for pointing this out, and feel free to go ahead and improve the article. Kansan (talk) 00:38, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

Over-referenced[change source]

The page is over-referenced compared with the text. Long notes are not needed here because we are not trying to copy En or any other source, and "completeness" is not an aim (because it is not feasible). The notes include slants and details which are not necessary, and which make the whole page more complicated and forbidding. For example, by having a long note on the effects of harsh soap, a naive reader might wonder what their hair would look like without that. Actually, the more relevant point is that all northern European peoples have light skin colour, and a proportion of red and blond-haired individuals. Vikings were no different in this respect than other peoples from northern parts of Europe. Macdonald-ross (talk) 07:18, 28 April 2016 (UTC)