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A technologist/technician is a person who specializes in using technology.[1] A technologist/technician is someone who completely understands the technology and other technologies that can be applied.[2] In the field of health care, for example, may be called a "lab tech".[3] The lab technologist is the project manager who supervises the lab.[3]

Role of a technologist[change | change source]

A technologist may be known by different job titles in various organizations.[4] For example, a Director of Information Technology is often a technologist.[4] The same is true for a Technology Project Manager.[4] Smaller organizations may use a technologist to perform many functions. In some cases, a project may be started using a staff member or technician, then handed off to a technologist as the project progresses.[4] The technologist is a specialist in how technologies can be used to meet the goals of the project owner.[4] In Canada, engineers with training from other countries may find themselves working as an engineering technologist.

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