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Usage[change source]

{{Infobox philosopher
|region           = 
|era              = 
|color            = lightsteelblue
|image_name       = 
|image_size       = 
|image_alt        = 
|image_caption    = 
|name             = 
|birth_date       = 
|birth_place      = 
|death_date       = 
|death_place      =
|school_tradition = 
|main_interests   = 
|notable_ideas    = 
|influences       = 
|influenced       = 
|signature        = 
|signature_alt    = 
|box_width        = 

One uses this template to give biographical information about someone who is a philosopher.

To use this template, copy the text above to the top of the biography.

  • Region, Name, Birth, and School/tradition must be given; if the other data items are not given, they will not show up in the Infobox;
  • Era does not have to be given;
  • Region should be one of the items in Category:Philosophy by region;
  • Era should be one of the items in Category:Philosophy by era;
  • School/tradition should be one of the items in Category:Philosophical schools and traditions;
  • If you fill in Influences, Influenced, or Notable ideas you should explain it in the main text of one of the articles. If you do not do this, then your text may be deleted.

Microformat[change source]

The HTML markup produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the person's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia or via a browser tool operated by a reader, to (for example) add the subject to an address book or database. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

Date-of-birth ("bday") information will only be included in the microformat if {{Birth date}}, {{Birth date and age}}, or {{Birth-date}} are used in the infobox. (but do not use these if the date is before 1583 CE).

To include a URL, use {{Url}}

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • bday
  • birthplace
  • category
  • country-name
  • deathdate
  • deathplace
  • extended-address
  • family-name
  • fn (required)
  • given-name
  • honorific-prefix
  • honorific-suffix
  • label
  • locality
  • n
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • role
  • url
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes; nor collapse nested elements which use them.