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Only add a score if you cite it with a reference.

Usage[change source]

Review scores
Publication Score
GamePro 5.0/5.0[1]
Game Revolution A-[2]
GameSpot 8.2/10
GameSpy 88/100[3]
IGN 9.4/10.0[4]
PC Gamer US 94%
Fake Magazine 110%
Bogus Games 95%
Grumpy Gamers 22%
Grognards-R-Us 50%
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
Game Rankings 91
Metacritic 90
Publication Award
BAFTA PC Game of the Year (2000)
PC Zone Best PC Game of All Time

All of the following fields are optional:

can be used to provide a custom title for the table, otherwise, it will default to "Reception".
used to add additional text before the collapsible section. This is necessary to add if want a longer title, as long titles via the "title" parameter will not center correctly.
  1. collapsed  –  the table will be collapsed (hidden) by default. This is useful for very long tables.
  2. autocollapse  –  the table will start out collapsed if there are two or more tables on the same page that use other collapsible tables. Otherwise, the table will be expanded. For the technically minded, see MediaWiki:Common.js.
  3. plain  –  the table will always be expanded and the [hide]/[show] link on the right will not be displayed.
  4. If set to blank, the table will always start out in an expanded state.
these are for custom reviewers.
these are for any awards that the title has won.
sets the width of the table; default is 23em.

Star system[change source]

If a reviewer uses a star system instead of a numerical rating, you can use the {{rating}} template to create the stars.

For instance:

Code Result
{{Rating|3|5}} 3/5 stars

Code[change source]

The infobox code to use is as follows: The predefined reviewers are as follows: The predefined aggregator sites are as follows:
{{VG Reviews
|title = 
|state = 
|1UP = 
|AdvGamers = 
|Allgame = 
|Atrip = 
|CVG = 
|Edge = 
|EGM = 
|EuroG = 
|Fam = 
|G4 = 
|GameFan = 
|GamePro = 
|GRadar = 
|GameRev = 
|GMaster = 
|GI = 
|GSpot = 
|GSpy = 
|GT = 
|GTM =
|GW = 
|GZebo = 
|GameZone = 
|IGN = 
|HGC =
|Hyper = 
|MaxPC = 
|N64 = 
|NG = 
|NGC = 
|NP = 
|OXM = 
|ONM = 
|OPM = 
|PCZone = 
|Play = 
|Playr =
|PSM = 
|PSM3 = 
|VG =
|XPlay = 
|rev1 = 
|rev1Score = 
|rev2 = 
|rev2Score = 
|rev3 = 
|rev3Score = 
|rev4 = 
|rev4Score = 
|rev5 = 
|rev5Score = 
|rev6 = 
|rev6Score = 
|rev7 = 
|rev7Score = 
|rev8 = 
|rev8Score = 
|GR = 
|GRO = 
|GMS = 
|MC = 
|MG = 
|TTR = 
|award1Pub = 
|award1 = 
|award2Pub = 
|award2 = 
|award3Pub = 
|award3 = 
|award4Pub = 
|award4 = 
|award5Pub = 
|award5 = 
|award6Pub = 
|award6 = 
|award7Pub = 
|award7 = 
|award8Pub = 
|award8 = 
|award9Pub = 
|award9 = 
|award10Pub = 
|award10 = 
|award11Pub = 
|award11 = 
|award12Pub = 
|award12 = 
Reviewer Code
1UP.com 1UP
AceGamez AceGamez
ActionTrip Atrip
Adventure Gamers AdvGamers
Allgame Allgame
Computer and Video Games CVG
Edge Edge
Electronic Gaming Monthly EGM
Eurogamer EuroG
Famitsu Fam
G4 G4
Game Informer GI
Game Revolution GameRev
GameFan Magazine GameFan
GamePro GamePro
GamesRadar GRadar
GamesMaster GMaster
GameSpot GSpot
GameSpy GSpy
GameTrailers GT
GameWire GW
Gamezebo GZebo
GameZone GameZone
Hardcore Gamer HGC
Hyper Magazine Hyper
Maximum PC MaxPC
N64 Magazine N64
NGamer NG
NGC Magazine NGC
Nintendo Power NP
Nintendo World Report NWR
Official Nintendo Magazine ONM
Official PlayStation Magazine (US) OPM
Official PlayStation Magazine (UK) OPMUK
Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia) OPMAU
Official Xbox Magazine OXM
Official Xbox Magazine UK OXMUK
PC Zone PCZone
Play Magazine Play
Playr Playr
PlayStation Magazine PSM
PlayStation 3 Magazine PSM3
TeamXbox TX
VideoGamer.com VG
X-Play XPlay
Aggregator Code
Game Rankings GR
Game Ratio GRO
GameStats GMS
GameTab GTab
Metacritic MC
MobyGames MG
TopTenReviews TTR

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References[change source]

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