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Temple of Confucius, Qufu

Coordinates: 35°35′48″N 116°59′3″E / 35.59667°N 116.98417°E / 35.59667; 116.98417
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Temple of Confucius
Native name Chinese: 孔廟
Entrance to the main hall of the temple.
LocationQufu, Shandong, China
Coordinates35°35′48″N 116°59′3″E / 35.59667°N 116.98417°E / 35.59667; 116.98417
Area14 ha (35 acres)[1]
Built478 BC[1]
Architectural style(s)Traditional Chinese
Governing bodyQufu Cultural Heritage Management Committee.
Temple of Confucius, Qufu is located in Shandong
Temple of Confucius, Qufu
Location of Temple of Confucius in Shandong
Temple of Confucius, Qufu is located in China
Temple of Confucius, Qufu
Temple of Confucius, Qufu (China)
Part ofTemple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu
CriteriaCultural: i, iv, vi
Inscription1994 (18th Session)

The Temple of Confucius or the Great Temple of Confucius in Qufu, Shandong Province, is the biggest and most famous Confucian temple in East Asia. It is also the oldest temple dedicated to Confucius and was first built in 478 BC.[1][2]

Since 1994, this temple alongh with the Kong Family Mansion, and the Cemetery of Confucius, has been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. In Qufu, these three places are known together as San Kong, meaning "The Three Confucian Sites."[3]

There's also a 72-meter-tall statue of Confucius made of brass and steel in Qufu, this city is the birthplace of this ancient Chinese educator and philosopher.[2][4]

History[change | change source]

Plan of the temple of Confucius in Qufu.

Two years after Confucius passed away, his house in Qufu was turned into a temple by the Duke of Lu. In 205 BC, Emperor Gao of the Han dynasty was the first to honor Confucius in Qufu, setting an example for other emperors. Over time, 12 emperors visited Qufu to worship Confucius, and many others sent representatives. The original three-room house was replaced in 611 AD, and during the Song dynasty, it expanded into a larger structure with over 400 rooms. Fire and vandalism damaged the temple in 1214, but it was restored by 1302. In 1724, a fire destroyed the main hall, but it was rebuilt by 1730.[5]

In 1966, Many sculptures within the temple were damaged during the Cultural Revolution. The Temple of Confucius in Qufu has undergone 15 major renovations, 31 large repairs, and various smaller changes. Another significant Confucius Temple was constructed in Quzhou by the southern branch of the Confucius family.[6]

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