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Thai Food

Thai food is a type of food that was first made in Thailand. Thai food is often spicy. Some popular Thai foods are Tom-Yum-Goong (a spicy shrimp soup), pad thai (fried noodles), and Gaeng-Keaw-Waan-Gai (green curry with chicken).

Some popular foods in the north and the northeast of Thailand are Koni kon-kon buns, sticky rice with Som-Tum (papaya salad) and Koi (sour chopped meat salad). Thai desserts are often made from sticky rice or coconut milk, flour, eggs and coconuts, such as Kaao Tom Mat (sticky rice and bananas) and Bau-Loi Kai Waan or (rice balls with poached eggs in coconut milk).

Thai people like to eat Nam-Phrik with fried vegetables. Nam Phrik is a hot sauce. There are many different types of Nam-Phrik. Nam-Phrik Pla Pon is made from dried fish and Nam-Phrik Kapi is made from a shrimp paste and chili sauce.

Thai food has become very popular in foreign countries lately.