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Navarathri Mandapam
Navarathri Mandapam
Coordinates: 9°2′40″N 76°49′46″E / 9.04444°N 76.82944°E / 9.04444; 76.82944Coordinates: 9°2′40″N 76°49′46″E / 9.04444°N 76.82944°E / 9.04444; 76.82944
Country India
 • BodyGram panchayat
 • Total33.67 km2 (13.00 sq mi)
 • OfficialMalayalam, English, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code+91 475 .......
Vehicle registrationKL-02
Nearest cityKollam
Nearest townKottarakkara
Sex ratio1069 : 1000 /
Lok Sabha constituencyMavelikkara
Navagraha Mandapa
Durga Devi Temple
Temple gate
St.Johns Church

Thalavoor is a village in Kollam district, Kerala, India.

History[change | change source]

In earlier times, this land was a part of Elayadathu Swarupam, a principality ruled by a branch of the Travancore Royal Family. Kottarakkara was the capital of Elayadathu Swarupam.

Etymology[change | change source]

Up to 18th century, this land was a part of "Ilayidathu Swaroopam". At that time, most of the leaders (Malayalam: Thalavanmaar) in the Ilayidathu Swaroopam were from this place. They headed various departments of this royal dynasty. Hence this place came to known as "Thalavoor", meaning "Thalavanmaarude Ooru" i.e. "The Place of Leaders".[source?]

Geography[change | change source]

Geographical Location[change | change source]

Latitude : 9°2'40"N

Longitude : 76°49'46"E

Sectors of Land[change | change source]

Outline map of Thalavoor village

The land of thalavoor is traditionally divided into six zones.

  • Pandithitta (North-West Zone of Thalavoor)
  • Manjakkala (North-East Zone of Thalavoor)
  • Nadutheri (Central Zone of Thalavoor)
  • Njarakkadu (South-East Zone of Thalavoor)
  • Kura (South-West Zone of Thalavoor)
  • Vadakodu (South-West Zone of Thalavoor)
  • Aringada (South Zone of Thalavoor)

Politics[change | change source]

Thalavoor, like other parts of India, is governed by different levels of government such as the three tiers of 'Panchayatraj', namely Grama, Block and District and, of course, the state and central governments. The revenue and land administration has the village as the basic unit.

Places of worship[change | change source]

Sree Durga Devi Temple, Thrikkonnamarcodu, Thalavoor
Sree Mahadeva Temple, Saptharshi Mangalam, Thalavoor

Hindu Temples[change | change source]

  • Sri Durga Devi Kshetram, Trikkonnamarcodu, Njarakkadu
  • Sri Mahadeva Kshetram, Saptarshimangalam, Nadutheri
  • Sree Krishna Kshetram, Nadutheri
  • Sri Gurisimankavu Dharmashasta Kshetram, Pandithitta
  • Thrikkara Sree Krishna Swami Kshetram, Kura
  • Sree Mahadeva Kshetram, Chunakkara, Millumukku, Kura
  • Sri Vasudevancode Kshetram, Vadacode
  • Charoor Bhagavathy Temple, Vadacode
  • Kaduvancode Bhagavathy Temple, Vadacode
  • Sree Durga Devi Temple, Aringada
  • Sree Nagaraja Kshetram, Randalumoodu
  • Sree Atoorkavu Devi Kshetram, Manjakala
  • Sree Mahalakshmi Temple manjakkala pulimukku
  • Sree Dharmasastha temple manjakkala
  • Chundamala malanadakavu, Randalummoodu

Churches[change | change source]

  • St. George Orthodox Church, Ambalathinnirappu
  • Shalom IPC Hall,Ambalathinnirappu*
  • Palakkuzhi Marthoma Church Ambalathinnirappu
  • Mar Semavoon Destooni Orthodox Church, Manjakkala
  • Trinity Marthoma Church, Manjakkala
  • St. Mary's Malankara Catholic Church, Manjakkala
  • St. George Orthodox Church, Kulamudy
  • St. Jude Chapel, Santhi Bhavan, Nadutheri
  • St. George Orthodox Church, Nadutheri
  • Bethel AG Church, Nadutheri
  • Marthoma Church, Nadutheri
  • St. Stephen's Orthodox Church, Pandithitta
  • Tabor Marthoma Church, Pandithitta
  • Divya Rekshaka Latin Catholic Church (Romapally), Pandithitta
  • Brethren Church, Pandithitta
  • St. Mary's Malankara Catholic Church, pandithitta*C.S.I. Church, Randalummoodu
  • St. Mary's Orthodox Valiya Palli, Randalummoodu
  • St. John's Orthodox Church, Vadacodu
  • St. John's Malankara Catholic Church, Vadacodu

Educational institutions[change | change source]

  • Government Lower Primary School, Vadacodu
  • Government Lower Primary School, Kura, Thalavoor
  • Government Lower Primary School, Njarakkadu, Thalavoor
  • Government Lower Primary School, Pandithitta
  • Government Upper Primary School, Nadutheri, Thalavoor
  • Devi Vilasom Vocational Higher Secondary School and Devi Vilasom High School, Thalavoor
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Vocational Higher Secondary School, Manjakkala, Thalavoor
  • Government W.L.P.S., Pandithitta
  • Christhuraj I.T.C., Pandithitta
  • Holy Cross Public School, Pandithitta
  • Government Welfare LPS, Aruvithara

Hospitals[change | change source]

  • Government Ayurveda Hospital, Nadutheri, Thalavoor
  • Primary Health Centre, Thalavoor

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