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The Brunts Academy is a secondary school in Mansfield, England. It is a performing arts college. The school teaches in drama, music and dance. It used to be a grammar School and a technical school. The school started by Samuel Brunts in 1709. One of its former students, Rebecca Addlington, won two gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

History[change | change source]

The Brunts Academy started as primary/first school in 1687. It had funds of 100 pounds. This was a large amount of money at the time. In 1709, Samuel Brunts' will said that he wanted the local children to "learn an Honest Trade" and get a good job. This led to the Brunts' estate having up with 40 boys and girls learning reading, writing and maths by 1831. The girls also learned knitting and sewing. 60 years later, the estate and the school were combined. In 1891, the school was called Brunts Technical School.

In 1830 "Brunts Charity" owned buildings and land in East Bridgford, Nottingham's marketplace and at Claypool in Lincolnshire. It was the richest of all the charitable organisations in Mansfield in 1832.

A new building was built in 1891. In 1976, Brunts Grammar School became a secondary/second school.

In 2012, the name changed to The Brunts Academy.

Today[change | change source]

The school's students come from several schools known as 'the family of schools'. They include King Edward School, Sutton Road School, St Peter's (C of E) School, High Oakham School and Newgate Primary School.

The school's uniform has a green blazer/jacket. The school colours are green and gold. Its logo is a griffin with its back two legs inside a shield. The shield has Nil Mortalibus Ardui Est around the logo. This is the school's Latin motto. It means "nothing is impossible for humankind".

In 2002, there were nearly 1500 students in the school. Only a small number of the students were aged 16 years or below. The school gained 57% A-C passes. Only a small amount of the students did not pass. This was 5% higher than the England average and 10% better than the United Kingdom average.

The school is known for having a large number of white students compared with the national average. Nearly all of its students are from England.

Alumni[change | change source]