The Golden Compass (movie)

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The Golden Compass is a fantasy movie, which was released on December 5, 2007 by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. The movie is based on the book Northern Lights (also known as The Golden Compass), the first novel in Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials.

The cast includes Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Daniel Craig, Ian McShane, and Sam Elliott.

Plot[change | change source]

Lord Asriel has found something called "dust" that separates us and another universe. People do not believe this idea. The Magistrate, a very large and strong group, try to kill him by poisoning his drink. Lyra, his niece, was playing, heard someone coming, hid, and saw a priest try to poison the drink. She then ran out and saved Asriel before he could drink. Asriel later goes to the North Pole to find this dust.

Lyra is also given something called a golden compass. The person says that it's the only one in the world and that only a few people know how to use it.

A woman named Mrs. Coulter then tries to get Lyra in with her. She promises her that they will go to the North Pole.