The Helix Bridge

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The Helix Bridge
Spiral bridge spotted with red lights, spanning across a still river at night. A tall building with a boat-shaped top is in the background.
The Helix Bridge lit up on its opening night in 2010, overlooked by the Marina Bay Sands hotel
Coordinates1°17′15″N 103°51′40″E / 1.28762°N 103.861°E / 1.28762; 103.861
CrossesSingapore River
LocaleMarina Bay
Official nameThe Helix
MaterialSteel and glass
Total length280m
Designer • Architects 61 (Singapore)
 • COX Group Pte Ltd (Australia)
 • ARUP Pte Ltd (Australia)
Opened24 April 2010

The Helix Bridge (before called the Double Helix Bridge) is a pedestrian bridge across the opening to Marina Bay in Singapore. It links the new Marina Centre with Marina South. It is located beside the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and the Bayfront Bridge, which are for vehicles (cars, etc.). It was first opened on 24 April 2010, but part of it stayed closed because of nearby construction.[1] The whole bridge was opened on 18 July 2010. It was the last link in the pedestrian walkway that goes all the way around Marina Bay. The bridge is also used as an art gallery where children's paintings and drawings are shown to the public.

The bridge was built as part of a major development plan in the area. Other projects included the huge modern-style Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino, the Singapore Flyer, the Gardens by the Bay, and a 438,000-square-metre (4,710,000 sq ft) business and financial zone. All of it was to be finished by 2012.[2]

Design and architecture[change | change source]

The team who designed the bridge included Australian and Singaporean architects. The main design idea is based on the double helix model of DNA. This can be seen best at night, when the bridge is lit up by a series of lights that show the double helix structure.[3] Pairs of coloured letters (c and g, as well as a and t) on the bridge which are lit up in red and green. They represent cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine, the four bases of DNA.

The bridge has four viewing platforms that give views over the Singapore skyline and events happening within Marina Bay.[4]

The bridge is made of about 650 tonnes of stainless steel and 1000 tonnes of carbon steel. The construction of the bridge was done by two local engineering and construction companies. Type of bridge The Helix Bridge is a temporary Truss bridge. As you probably already know the Helix Bridge can only support living beings. The support is by triangle beams. The Helix Bridge has triangle beams because the triangle is the strongest shape for building and so they made triangle beams to support the bridge. Now it is

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Coordinates: 1°17′15.44″N 103°51′38.15″E / 1.2876222°N 103.8605972°E / 1.2876222; 103.8605972