Tokyo Tower of Babel

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The Tokyo Tower of Babel (東京バベルタワー) is a visionary 10 km hyper tall building that was proposed to be built in Tokyo in 1992. Although it is unlikely to ever be built in the future, if it actually was built, it would be the tallest building on Earth surpassing Mount Everest by 1,209 m.

Tokyo Tower of Babel (Tokyo Babel Tower)
General information
StatusNever built
AddressTokyo, Japan
Construction started1992
Construction stopped1992
Cost3 Quadrillion Yen, (22 Trillion Dollars)
Height10,000 meters (10 km)
Weight1 billion ton (1 trillion kg)
Technical details
Floor countAround 1408 or 2530
Design and construction
ArchitectToshio Ojima
Known forHeight
Other information
Number of rooms10000+