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Trickery is the act of misdirection (leading into the wrong way of thinking) or an illusion (seeing things that are not true).

For example, magic tricks are when someone makes the person seeing it think that the magic they are doing is true, but it actually is not. But magic tricks can also be pleasant entertainment when the audience know it's all tricks.

A trick can also mean to lie or misdirect (lead to wrong way of thinking) a person so that someone who is tricking the person can enjoy winning the game they are playing for example gambling.

Trick is also slang for a prostitute's client.

Animal tricks[change | change source]

Some sort of useful action taught to an animal, for example from "shaking hands" to handing back tools or dropped objects so that people seeing the action can enjoy the trick

In the Norse mythology[change | change source]

Loki is the God of trickery and cunning in the Norse Mythology.