Triple H

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Triple H
Triple H making his entrance at WrestleMania XXX
Born (1969-07-27) July 27, 1969 (age 48)
Nashua, New Hampshire
Lives in Greenwich, Connecticut
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Hunter Hearst Helmsley (HHH)
Jean-Paul Levesque
Terra Ryzing
Triple H[1]
Billed height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)[1]
Billed from Greenwich, Connecticut[1]
Trained by Killer Kowalski
Debut March 1992
Retired June 2017 (semi)

Paul Michael Levesque (born July 27, 1969) is an American business executive, semi-retired professional wrestler, actor, and former bodybuilder. He is better known by the ring name Triple H, an abbreviation of his former Hunter Hearst Helmsley name. He is currently the COO ("Chief Operating Officer") of WWE.[2]

Before joining WWE, Levesque began his wrestling career with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1993, wrestling under the name Terra Ryzing. He would then be repackaged as Jean-Paul Lévesque, a French Canadian aristocrat, before joining World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1995.

Since joining WWE, he has become a 14-time world champion (current): a nine-time WWE Champion and a five-time World Heavyweight Champion [3][4] In addition, he won the 1997 King of the Ring, the 2002 Royal Rumble, and was the second Grand Slam Champion.

He married Stephanie McMahon in 2003, becoming the son-in-law of WWE chairman Vince McMahon.[5] Outside of wrestling, Levesque has made many guest appearances in film and on television. He is starring in the upcoming WWE Film Journey of Death.[6]

At the 2008 edition of Backlash, Triple H won the WWE Championship. He lost the title at Survivor Series 2008 to Edge.

At the 2009 No Way Out, Triple H won back the WWE Championship in an Elimantion Chamber match for the 8th time, beating The Rock's record of 7 times.

After entering the 2016 Royal Rumble match at no. 30, he eliminated Ambrose to win the Royal Rumble and become a 14 time world champion. He later lost the title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32. [7]

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