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Troll 2

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Troll 2
Directed byDrake Floyd
Written byRossella Drudi and
Drake Floyd (story)
Drake Floyd (screenplay)
Produced byBrenda Norris
Joe D'Amato
StarringMichael Stephenson
George Hardy
Darren Ewing
Jason Steadman
Jason F. Wright
CinematographyGiancarlo Ferrando
Edited byVania Friends
Music byCarlo Maria Cordio
Distributed byEpic Productions
Release date
July 22, 1992 (USA) (video premiere)
Running time
95 min
CountriesUnited States, Italy

Troll 2 is a 1990 horror comedy movie, directed by Claudio Fragasso, under the pseudonym Drake Floyd. During production, the movie was known as Goblins, and some foreign releases of the movie were labeled as such, but upon release in the United States, the title was changed to Troll 2 in an attempt to help sell the movie by connecting it to an established horror movie, the 1986 Empire Pictures movie Troll. The two movies, however, have no connection apart from the title. In fact, despite the title, no actual trolls appear in Troll 2.

This movie has a sequel, Troll 3.