Tromelin Island

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Tromelin Island
Flag of Tromelin Island
Location of the Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean. 1. Bassas da India2. Europa Island3. Glorioso Islands4. Juan de Nova Island5. Tromelin IslandKM=Comoros MG=Madagascar MU=Mauritius MZ=Mozambique RE=Réunion YT=Mayotte
Official languages French
French overseas territory
• Discovery by Jean Marie Briand de la Feuillée
• French claim to sovereignty
29 november 1776
Currency Euro (EUR)
ISO 3166 code TF
Internet TLD .tf

Tromelin Island is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is located off the shore of Madagascar and not far from Réunion.

The island is an overseas territories of France, but Mauritius claims that the island is theirs.