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Tulsidas (1541-1623) was an Indian writer. He wrote many books which are manifestations of Sanatan dharma and Indian ideology. His most famous book is the Ramcharitmanas. This book was written in a language called Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi. The book tells the story of Lord Rama and his war and victory over Ravan, the king of Lanka. Rama fought for his wife Sita and brought her back from Lanka to Ayodhya.

Another book written by Tulsidas is Kavitavali.

Tulsidas was born in Soron sukar kshetra,kasganj, in what is now Uttar Pradesh, in Samvat 1589 or 1532 A.D. He was a Sarayuparina Brahmin by birth and is regarded as an incarnation of Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana. His father's name was Atmaram Dubey and his mother's name Hulsi. Tulsidas conceived of god in the form of Rama. Tulsidas's composition 'Ramcharitmanas.' written in Awadhi is important both as an expression of his devotion and as a literary work. His devotion to the literary world is very important. He founded the Sankatmochan Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman in Varanasi.

Tulsidas wrote several books which is famous among Indians and throughout the World.