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A removed section of a colon with colon cancer. In the middle, the dark-red part is a tumor, as shown by the uncontrollable growth of cells.
Tasmanian devil with a tumour

A neoplasm is tissue that is growing where it should not be. If they become a mass, they become a tumour. Tumours are either malignant (harmful) or benign (safe). Cancer, for example is malignant and sometimes spreads to other places on the body. Some tumours have a cause that makes them grow. For some tumours no cause is known.[1][2][3] A tumour usually forms as a lump or mass.[4]

Tumours can occur in humans and animals. In humans, tumors can occur because the genetic code of cells is modified too much, causing affected cells to divide and expand uncontrollably.[5] The Tasmanian Devils in Tasmania, Australia are in danger of becoming extinct because of a malignant tumour that grows on their face.[6]

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