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USS Arizona (BB-39)

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The USS Arizona in 1931
The USS Arizona burning at Pearl Harbor in 1941
The USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona (BB-39) was an American battleship from the Pennsylvania Class. The building of the ship was started in 1913 and it was commissioned in 1916. It fought in World War I. The USS Arizona is best known for its sinking during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The attack was the event that caused the United States to join the fighting in World War II. The wreck is still at the floor of the harbor. It is the site of a memorial to those who died that day.

Other ships[change | change source]

USS Arizona (BB-39) was one of three ships in the history of the United States Navy to be named USS Arizona. It was the only one of the three to be named that after Arizona became a U.S. state.

  • The first Arizona was built in 1858. It was made of iron. It served in the American Civil War. The ship was destroyed when it caught on fire in 1865.
  • The second USS Arizona was a 3850 ton frigate. It was built in 1865 and originally named the USS Neshamny. The ship was renamed twice. It used the name USS Arizona for less than three months during 1869 before becoming USS Nevada. The Navy stopped using the ship in 1874.