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Uhwudong (Korean: 어우동, c. 1430 - October 18 1480), also written as Eoudong or Eowudong, was a Korean Joseon Dynasty gisaeng, writer, poet, and dancer. She lived during the reign of King Yejong and King Seongjong. She was also called Eeulwudong.

famous for divorced from royal family wife. she was said to be charming, witty, very beautiful, and very smart. Her personal life has inspired movies, a TV series, operas, and many novels. She is one of Koreas modern popular cultural icons.

Popular culture[change | change source]

In the late 20th century, Uhwudong's story was of interest in both North Korea and South Korea. There are books, movies and operas about her.

In late 1985, a movie Eoudong was released. It starred Lee Bo-hee in the title role. Another movie, Kim Mun-hee, was released on May 23, 1987. In 2007, KBS released a TV series entitled King and I starring Kim Sa-rang.

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