Un medico in famiglia

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Un medico in famiglia (in English: A doctor in the family) is an Italian drama TV series. It aired on Rai 1 and started in 1998. It is now in its ninth season.

The TV series focuses around the lives of the Martini family. They live in Rome. Lele Martini is a doctor and a widower with three children: Maria, Francesco "Ciccio" and Anna "Annuccia". He falls in love with his sister-in-law, Alice Solari. At the end of the second season, they get married and have two twins. Lele hires Cettina as their au pair. Cettina is a Neapolitan woman (she comes from Mondragone) who pretends to be Polish in order to be hired. Eventually the Martinis find out that Cettina is actually Italian, but they do not fire her. At the beginning of the third season Lele, Alice and their twins leave Italy in order to live in Australia. Lele puts his children in the hands of their grandpa, Nonno Libero. Cettina falls in love with Torello, a funeral director. They get married at the end of the third season. Maria falls in love with Guido, a doctor. They get married at the end of the fourth season.

In the sixth season Lele, who divorced from Alice, returns home with his children, Bobo and Elena. Cettina is disappeared in a shipwreck: she is supposed to be dead, but this is not true. In fact, she lost her memory and became a very rich woman in the United States. She decided to go to Italy for an holiday and here she meets the Martinis. She gradually recovers her memory and joins her husband and her son, Eros. Lele in this season has two girlfriends: the doctress Funny and the chocolate seller Bianca. Eventually he decides to get engaged to Bianca. Melina, Cettina's cousin, is hires as the Martinis new au pair. She falls in love with Dante Piccione, a gauche man who gambles on the horses.