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Central gateway of the University of Warsaw.
Central gateway of the University of Warsaw.

The University of Warsaw (Polish Uniwersytet Warszawski) is the largest university in Poland.

History[change | change source]

1816-1831[change | change source]

The Royal University of Warsaw was established in 1816, when the parts of Poland were separated in Warsaw, from the academic (i.e. associated with higher education) centre of Cracow more ancient and influential. The School of Law and the School of Medicine had been established first time in the Duchy of Warsaw. In 1816 Alexander I had permitted the Polish authorities to create a university, composed from five faculties: Law and Administration, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, and Arts and Humanities. Soon the university had increased and the number of students reach the 800 and the de professors - to 50.

However, after students and professors took part in the November Uprising of 1830, the university was closed by the Russians.

At present[change | change source]

Now, the chancellor (rector) of the university is Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow.

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