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Pay-PURR-cut Bye-ah-lu-gee
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User:LB22/Adoption/Userboxes/Adoptee Hello! Papercutbiology here. You might know me from the English Wikipedia. I migrated over here from the English Wikipedia. I prefer smaller communities, although I will still venture in and out of the English Wikipedia. :) I'm German, Native American, I hail from NY, adore the Ataris (band), and love Wikipedia. :D If you want to see more about me, you'll have to click on the link to my En.Wiki profile above. If you see me doing something wrong, please let me know on my talk page! :) Or, if you want to drop by just to say hi, please do! I'm not an unkind person...don't be shy! :) ---Papery

Currently working on articles Recipe, and Sylvester Stallone. I may jump from article to article.

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