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Vinje is a municipality in Norway. It is in the county of Telemark. The administration of this place is done from Åmot.

Notable people from Vinje[change | change source]

Places of interest[change | change source]

Vinje is the home of folk musician Myllarguten. His home there is now a small museum. A monument of Myllarguten is located near Kosi. Myllarguten was a 19th-century musician. He who played for kings and inspired Edvard Grieg.

History[change | change source]

Vinje was established in 1838 as a municipality. It is on the Hardangervidda and on the Setesdalsheiane Mountains plateaus.

Arabygdi lies in the western part of Rauland. It is on Lake Totak. The largest stone scree in Northern Europe, is Urdbøuri. The scree has huge boulders lying on the floor of the valley.

The name[change | change source]

The municipality Vinje (originally the parish) is named after the old farm Vinje (Norse Vinjar), since the first church was built here. The name is the plural form of vin f 'meadow, pasture'.

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