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     Choudhary  usama warraich  haria wala

The Warraich or Waraich are a Jatt clan, mostly found in Punjab (Pakistan). They are mostly Muslims. The Jutts are most powerfull cast among all other casts and richest out 150 casts

In the jutts there are so many sub-casts (according to an English writter 'Densil Abestine', there are more than 150 casts in the jutts in subcontinent) and arguably the Warraichs are superior to all the sub-casts of jutts. They carry a general courtesy, arrogant looks and a debate personality. Usually they are trustworthy, respected, well behaved and traditional people. They are also land lords which is the most sparkling part in their personality. They are strongest as a community in most parts of the Punjab.

Abdullah Warraichis most respected man of this clan.

 Rian Qadir Warraich is also among the notables of this clan.