West Mercia Police

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West Mercia Police Badge
Map of the area the service covers

West Mercia Police is a territorial police service that polices Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire. It was known as West Mercia Constabulary until it was renamed in 2009. Its name comes from the area it polices formerly being the western part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

It was formed on 1 October 1967. It was created when Worcestershire Constabulary, Herefordshire Constabulary, Shropshire Constabulary, and Worcester City Police merged together.

It is the fourth largest police service in England and Wales.

The service has around 2,000 police officers, 200 police community support officers, 1,500 police staff, and 400 special officers.

Their headquarters is at Hindlip Hall on the outskirts of the city of Worcester.

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