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County Flag Of Herefordshire.svg
Status Unitary district
Ceremonial county
Origin Historic
Region West Midlands
- Total
- District
Ranked 26th
2,180 km²
Ranked 3rd
Admin HQ Hereford
ISO 3166-2 GB-HEF
ONS code 00GA
- Total (2005 est.)
- Density
- District
Ranked 45th
82 / km²
Ranked 84th
Ethnicity 99.1% White

Herefordshire Council
Executive Conservative / Independent

Herefordshire (known as County of Herefordshire) is a county in the West Midlands region of England. It borders the English counties of Shropshire to the north, Worcestershire to the east, Gloucestershire to the south east and the Welsh counties of Gwent to the south west and Powys to the west. It is not to be confused with Hertfordshire, a county north of London.

It is pronounced ['herəfədʃə] (i.e. first syllable as in "herring", and -e- a separate syllable).

The county town of Herefordshire is the cathedral city of Hereford.

Waterways[change | change source]

Historically, the Rivers Wye and Lugg were navigable but the wide seasonal variations in water levels mean that few craft larger than canoes and coracles are now used. There are canoe centres at The Boat House, Glasbury-on-Wye, the Hereford Youth Service Archived 2005-11-19 at the Wayback Machine and Kerne Bridge Archived 2021-03-08 at the Wayback Machine Ross-on-Wye, as well as a rowing club in Hereford.

The early nineteenth century saw the construction of two canals, The Hereford & Gloucester Canal and The Leominster & Stourport Canal but these were never successful and there are now few remains to be seen.

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